About Alphex Capital

Alphex Capital became operational in August 2020. The firm is a "Value Driven Equity Fund", with a specialization in individual stocks and equity options.

The Investment Manager believes that various businesses trading in the market are undervalued and, as a result, provide opportunities to achieve superior risk-adjusted Returns.The goal of the Investment Manager is simple; buy stocks and other securities with great growth potential, exemplary management, and fundamentally sound business models that are trading at levels below their intrinsic values.

Alphex Capital LP / Founder

Emmanuel Martinez


Emmanuel Martinez is an emerging fund manager, who has spent the last 4 years preparing to run a hedge fund. From an early age, he has had an interest in the markets, buying his first stock before the age of 15. A natural leader and entrepreneur, the draw of the economical and financial world has driven Emmanuel to endlessly follow macroeconomic trends and asset price movement. He has extensive knowledge in picking undervalued stocks which are best positioned for long-term growth and rising profits in the future. He studied Economics in Florida International university and has always been curious about how the world, individuals, and businesses work. In April of 2019, Emmanuel began working for a small business (Wholesale Company) down in Miami where he was assigned a project to initiate an ecommerce presence of the business and grow it.

He developed a team which he led to grow the Ecommerce segment of the business to over one million dollars in new online sales in the first six months and on track to over four million dollars in sales in the next year. During the last four years almost everyday after work he would go straight to FIU and stay there till midnight where he learned the nuances of the Bloomberg terminal in order to leverage data to make successful investments and gain an edge in analyzing the financial markets.Being a former athlete and avid reader, Emmanuel understands the importance of balance in life and remains eternally curious about what the future holds for companies, countries, and the world.